Li-BOX (48V - 100AH)

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Battery Type LiFePO4
Normal Battery Voltage (VDC) 51.2V
Normal Capacity (25C, 0.2C) (WH) 5120WH
Voltage Window (VDC) 44.8~58.4V
Solar Charge Voltage (VDC) 56.2V
Max. Continue Discharge Current (A) 100
Max. Pulse Discharge Current (A) 100A 30 Sec
Max. Continue Charge Current (A) 100
Case Design Powerwall Design
Cycle Life (+25C 0.2 80%DOD) >6000 Cycles with 6 Years Warranty
Cell Equalizer Current (A) 1~5A Mox
Terminal M8
Storage Temperature 0°C~30°C
Storage Duration 3 months at 25°C
Safety Standard 3 months at 25°C
Safety Standard IP21
Protection Over Charge Protection, over Discharge Protection, Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection
Noise (dB) <40dB (1 Meter)
Working Temperature -20°C~+55°C
Humidity 0~95% (no condensation)
Sea Level (m) -1500
LxWxH mm L625*W390*H210
Weight (NW Kg) 43.0Kg
Weight (GW Kg) 44.0Kg